My name is Mayank. My pronouns are he/him/his. I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Distributed Systems and Databases fascinate me. I am driven by the desire to conduct research with the ultimate aim of building robust, production-quality systems.

Previously, I worked in software engineering at D. E. Shaw & Co. and have also interned at NVIDIA and Hexagon. I completed my undergraduate education in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Pune, graduating top of my class with honors and winning the gold medal!

When I am not immersed in Computer Science, I can be found delving into the depths of literature, poetry, and the enigmatic meaning of life. I embark on a whimsical journey through blogs, books, and soul-stirring songs. Armed with rationality and an insatiable passion for reading, I collect quotes like treasures along the way, weaving them into the tapestry of my delightfully eclectic existence.

Feel free to contact me if you have something to share, an exciting opportunity to discuss, or need any assistance!

Jun 2024

Started an internship at Tradeweb

Jun 2024

Awarded the UCSD CSE Alumni Advisory Board Leadership Scholarship

Apr 2024

Teaching Assistant for CSE 141L: Introduction to Computer Architecture Lab under Prof. John Eldon

Jan 2024

Systems Research with Prof. George Porter in C3 Lab

Jan 2024

Teaching Assistant for CSE 142L: Computer Architecture Lab under Prof. Steven Swanson

Sep 2023

Masters begins at UC San Diego!

Aug 2023

Awarded the prestigious J. N. Tata Endowment Scholarship

Apr 2022

Completed my first trek to Kheerganga, a stunning destination in the Himalayas

Aug 2021

Awarded a gold medal for the highest CGPA in the Computer Science department!

Jul 2021

Started first full time job at D. E. Shaw & Co.

Jan 2021

Started an internship at NVIDIA

Apr 2020

Started an internship at D. E. Shaw & Co.

Dec 2019

Accepted into the Intel Edge AI Scholarship Program

May 2019

Started an internship at Hexagon

Sep 2018

Co-founded CSI COEP Student Chapter, along with Naman Modi

Jul 2017

Commenced my undergraduate journey at College of Engineering, Pune

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Teaching Assistantships
CSE 141L: Introduction to Computer Architecture Lab
Spring 2024

The course offers a hands-on computer architecture project aiming to familiarize students with instruction set architecture, design of a processor, and control and memory systems, and I/O systems. We design a complete special-purpose processor from grounds up.

Winter 2024

The course provides a hands-on experience in using the features of modern CPUs to increase the performance and efficiency of programs.

Hyderabad, India
Member Technical, Systems
Jul 2021 – Jul 2023
  • Implemented an Authentication adapter for ADFS in C# that allowed to choose amongst the multiple authentication methods the firm supports to allow for custom MFA workflows, which is used by all of the firms’ 4000+ users.
  • Revamped the On-call management and scheduling system for Systems, which included implementing a Django based web-app (desktop + mobile) secured by OIDC and deployed on K8s, and a typer based CLI packaged with Nix.
  • Developed a C# based Web proxy and corresponding Binary PowerShell Cmdlets, providing fine-grained authorization to HYPR APIs and streamlining user/device management workflows for the Helpdesk team.
  • Conducted Benchmarking of on-prem Kubernetes cluster against in-house hosting platforms, using tools like wrk2 & oha with detailed documentation. Helped established a post-release verification framework for the cluster.
  • Developed a PowerShell Module for Active Directory object attribute validations with alerting, and automatic remediation capabilities, enabled through declarative configuration.
  • Built an ETL pipeline with reporting facility in Python, which processes 0.5 million records every day.
Software Intern, Autonomous Vehicles
Jan 2021 – Jun 2021
  • Addressed performance anomalies observed in Roadrunner (NVIDIA’s Autonomous Driving application) during driving which affects safety and in-car driving experience by identifying, tracking, and addressing end-to-end latency spikes.
Systems Intern
Apr 2020 – Jun 2020
  • Designed and developed a highly scalable, centralized notification service of distributed nature from scratch, which abstracted all notification channels (like Email, Slack), helping teams get rid of the overhead of implementing notification modules and allowing users to set per-application personal preferences. Used by 50+ teams, and more than 1 million notifications have been sent till date.
  • Used React, Redux for frontend; Java, SpringBoot and JUnit5 for backend, and Apache Kafka as middleware.
Software Developer Intern, HxGN Mining
Jan 2021 – Jun 2021
  • Developed two microservices in C++ for OEM interfaces following Agile methodology to read sensor data from equipment in a mine, improving efficiency and minimizing equipment downtime by up to 50%.
Pune, India
Apr 2013
  • As a part of ‘Catch Them Young (CTY)’ Program, built an online train reservation application using Visual Basic and MS Access, for which my team was awarded the first prize.
Masters in Computer Science and Engineering
2023 - 2025

Graduate Coursework:

  • Operating Systems
  • Principles of Database Systems
  • Web Mining and Recommender Systems
  • Database Systems Implementation
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Graduate Networked Systems
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
B. Tech (with Honors) in Computer Engineering
2017 - 2021

CGPA: 9.82 / 10

Undergraduate Coursework:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Algorithms and Complexity
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Organization
  • Theory of Computation
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • … and many more